The Multiband Tower (Sundog Tower)

The Multiband Tower, now known as the Sundog tower, is a 7-story office tower that includes an underground parking garage. A pair of exterior balconies serves private office suites on the sixth floor. The tower’s exterior is a combination of energy efficient insulated glass and an aluminum curtain wall system. The tower houses retail and/or food service businesses and includes an atrium area that is often used as an event space.

The building’s HVAC system has a boiler/hot water and chilled water in conjunction with individual variable air volume units (VAV) to provide specific heating/cooling requirements of the different tenants occupying the building. The building is furnished with an emergency back-up generator. Access flooring is furnished on floors 2-6 to accommodate the tenants’ changing needs. The electrical system also provides the building with the latest data/communication systems including the use of fiber-optics. The fire suppression systems comply with high-rise design.