Hefti Rest Area


The Devils Lake Hefti Rest Area project was sensitively done to respect and preserve the wetland area directly west of the building. The site design and theme also express the respect for existing wetlands. A nautical flagpole, lighting fixtures, and image of the building and landscaping, establish and reinforce the historical transportation theme of the flat-bottomed, paddlewheel boat that was essential to the livelihood of the early settlers in the region.

There is parking on both sides of the centrally located building to integrate the pre-existing asphalt areas with new ones. The rest area meets the functional requirements and yet captures the essence of the state’s commitment for improved public safety and visionary planning. The building is both visually and acoustically transparent to enhance the visitor’s sense of safety, while retaining user privacy. Both interior and exterior building materials are highly durable, energy efficient, and require minimal maintenance. All plant materials are native to the region.