Historic Renovation of Grafton North A & B

historic Renovation of North A & B

In the city of Grafton, two historic structures were remodeled into living facilities for senior housing. Hancock Place is a three-story, 14,000 SF structure designed by the Hancock Brothers in 1912. Now it has been renovated to house 19 market-rate apartments.

Villa De Remar, is a three-story structure renovated to accommodate 31 low-income senior housing units. Originally constructed in 1929, the building is an H-shaped plan and is 26,000 SF.

In addition to the renovated buildings, there was redesign of the tunnel connection linking the two buildings utilizing the existing tunnel system of the Developmental Center.

Community spaces in the buildings consist of a parlor, community dining rooms, and laundry rooms. Garages were also constructed allowing for one car and storage per apartment. An adjoining building, the Annex, was demolished and the foundation “ghosted” for historical reference.