Gilmore Hotel


The Gilmore Hotel was built in 1892 to meet the increasing needs of Deadwood’s temporary population. Small additions were completed in 1896 and a few years later. The City of Deadwood is a National Historic Landmark and because of its location, age, and significance, the Gilmore Hotel is a contributing structure. All work including site and building construction met the requirements of The Secretary of the Interior’s Guidelines for Historic Rehabilitation allowing the Owner to obtain Historic Tax Credits.

Historically it was necessary to keep as much of the exterior’s original form and detailing while meeting precise zoning ordinances and building codes. The interior corridors and original reception lobby were retained but renovated. However, where the old garage, outlying foundations, and two later annexes were raised, the site was mitigated. The new porch was reconstructed using a photograph taken in 1892 when the hotel first opened. The building now contains 14 market-rate apartments.